The Confident Mother

This page is dedicated to all mums everywhere. I want you to know that good enough really IS good enough. You don’t need to be the perfect mother.

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My free online conference The Confident Mother shared 20+ live interviews with experts and inspirational women on a wide range of topics. You can still sign up if you would like the free workbook. Or catch up with my my insights and reflections in my blog here.  Missed the conference? You can purchase the full library of interviews to listen to when and wherever you want.  Join in the discussions on Facebook.

Following the fabulous feedback to this event, I am continuing to bring you one interview per month – the 3rd Friday of every month.  Don’t miss out – simply leave me your details, and I’ll be sure to remind you of the interviews in advance.


  • Launch session What is Most Important to You About Being A Mother – Sherry Bevan, The Confidence Guide – Monday 12 January.
  • How to raise self-esteem and get children motivated – Elaine Halligan & Melissa Hood, The Parent Practice – Tuesday 13 January.
  • Care & Repair From The Inside Out (c). Become the best parent you can be by clearing away anything from your own childhood that still gets in your way – Maxine Harley – Wednesday 14 January.
  • The 7 Steps to S.T.Y.L.I.N.G. for Confidence and Success Formula™ – Simple steps to follow that will have you looking and feeling fabulousBecky Redpath – Thursday 15 January.
  • How we, as mothers, can nurture our own wellbeing, so as to nurture the wellbeing of our childrenToni Brodelle – Friday 16 January.
  • Cutting through the confusion around fats, sugars and food supplements (for you and your child) – Lucy Grainge, The Food Owl – Monday 19 January.
  • How to use your voice to project confidence – Susan Heaton Wright, Executive Voice – Monday 19 January.
  • The entrepreneurial qualities we need to nurture to bring up confident teenagers – Emma Sargent, The Extraordinary Coaching Company – Tuesday 20 January.
  • A moving tale of how one woman made a career change after giving birth at 25 weeks – Naomi Martell-Bundock, Core Sense – Tuesday 20 January.
  • An introduction to mindfulness and self-love as tools for mums to increase their joy, inner calm and self-esteem – Lucinda Button, Mindful Mamas – Wednesday 21 January.
  • The Single Mum’s Survival Guide – Vivienne Smith  – Wednesday 21 January.
  • The role of an Adoption Champion and life as mother to children with additional needs – Carole Arnold – Thursday 22 January.
  • 6 Steps to Better Work Life Balance – Julia Harris, Success Coach  – Thursday 22 January.
  • LinkedIn MasterClass – how you build an effective profile that reflects who you are and what you doEmily Miller, LinkedIn Tutors – Friday 23 January.
  • Changing the little time you get with your children into quality time – Richard Curtis, The Kid Calmer – Friday 23 January.
  • How consistency and closeness enables a full-time international elite athlete to be the best mum she can be – Dame Sarah Storey – Sunday 25 January.
  • Flexible working and the new Shared Parental LeavePhilippa Williams of Capability Jane and Jo Swinson MP, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs – Monday 26 January.
  • How you can have body confidence and fitness success even when exercise is not a priority! – Vicky Warr, BeezKneez Hive – Monday 26 January.
  • How gentle parenting builds your child’s confidence and your own confidence in parenting – Dorothy Marlen, Early Childhood Consultant – Tuesday 27 January.
  • Five steps to setting up business at home without wasting your professional skills and experience – Sarah Buchanan-Smith, Kitchen Table Consultant – Wednesday 28 January.
  • Understanding your core values to prepare you for a career change – Nicola Mullarkey, The Honest Recruiter – Thursday 29 January.
  • Neuroscience of child behaviour and development – Miriam McCaleb, Baby Geek NZ – Thursday 29 January.
  • Working Mum’s Guide to Ditching the Guilt, Wrap Up and Celebration – Sherry Bevan, The Confidence Guide – Friday 30 January.
  • How being a single mum does NOT stop you from being an award-winning business woman – Kiran Singh, Interior Designer & Property Stylist – Friday 20 February.
  • Cracking The Teenage Puzzle – Vicki Raven, Well Kids – Friday 20 March.

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