How and where to find clients for your mumpreneur business

In this series of video blogs, I have shared my experience of running a business, the mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learned.

When you are a mum, setting up your own business to have a more flexible lifestyle is a fabulous alternative to working in the corporate world. I have been running my own business for three years now. I love the flexibility in my work patterns, the independence to pick and choose who I work with and the projects I take on, plus I’m doing work that I absolutely love and enjoy.

Watching women redefine their identity and rebuild their confidence after a career break is AMAZING. I love my clients and I love what I do. I want you to have that opportunity too.

In Episode 1, I shared the five mistakes that mums make in their business.

In Episode 2, I shared how to identify the right business idea even if you have no idea what you want to do.

In this Episode 3, you will discover how and where to find new clients.

You might think that setting up your own business is pretty daunting, but in this video, I share some great ideas and I would love you to check out this video. Where will you find your ideal client?


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