52 week photography challenge – week 7 – Love

The theme for this week 7 of #MummyBPhotographyChallenge Love.  Well after all it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. My first thought was Foxy Woxy. Foxy is my daughter’s toy fox that she’s had for maybe 5 or 6 years. She fell in love with him instantly and he’s been her most favourite toy ever since. And over time she has now developed quite a collection of soft toy foxes.  But Foxy Woxy is the original … though looking a little threadbare in places. He still has a precious place in her heart though she no longer cuddles him to sleep because she’s worried he’s rather delicate.

P1040946 P1040950

I still have my favourite cuddly toy from when I was a child. He was called penguin. His beak and feet were replaced a few times. But I still love my penguin even now. I don’t think you can match a child’s love for their favourite toy. What about you? What was your favourite toy as a child?


2 thoughts on “52 week photography challenge – week 7 – Love

  1. Oh how cute is he??
    I had Little Ted, Mummy Ted and Big Ted. They were my 3 favourite bears and I took them everywhere! Imagine the horror for my mum though, worrying at every turn that I may drop one of them!!


    • I had a Ted too! Still have him. Yes Foxy was dropped one day on the way to pre-school. My husband used to cycle her to pre-school. The panic and fear for my poor husband. Fortunately he found Foxy on the way home – somebody had picked him up and put him on a wall.


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