52 week photography challenge – week 6 – details

Mummy B had tweeted that the theme this week is details in her  #MummyBPhotographyChallenge. Mummy B set up this challenge to improve her photography skills, and that’s what I want to do too.  However as a woman of detail, how was I going to possibly portray “details”.  I thought about a picture of shiny clean bathroom tap (following on from an article published in the Guardian about the division of housework between men and women – the detail of cleaning the tap is sometimes lost on my husband!).  I pondered on the idea of a dish of seeds waiting to be planted.  Or maybe just a picture of me … I am “Mrs Details”.

In the end, I decided on the daffodils … my camera is not so clever (or rather I haven’t yet worked out how to make it clever) to pick out more clearly the detail of the inside of the flowers. But really this bunch of daffodils contains more detail than just the stamen. Notice the ruffles – aren’t they lovely.

These daffodils are particularly special – they were a small gift, a token of appreciation from one of the mums who graduated from my breastfeeding peer supporter course on Friday. They were such a lovely group. I am very conscious that through my learnings and journey to be NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and Peer Support Trainer, how much attention I put onto the details of specifics words chosen. For example, in one session, discussing about different breastfeeding problems, I made the comment “we’re not expecting you to be experts right now, in fact, we’re never expecting you to be experts”. That came out wrong and one of the students questioned in a half-joking way “you don’t think we’ll ever be good enough?”.  But of course, as another NCT BFC might understand, that’s not at all what I meant.  Just that being an “expert” brings all sorts of connotations and expectations.  Whereas we want our peer supporters to offer mother-centred peer-to-peer support. So this is why these daffodils are a symbol of details even though you can’t see the physical details that well.


See more photos on the theme of details at Mummy B’s blog here.



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