52 week photography challenge – week 4 – light

Like Mummy B, I had so many ideas for this week’s theme in the #MummyBPhotographyChallenge. The theme was “light”. Straight away I thought about moonlight, the early morning light, light on water, a feather (as in not heavy).

I took photo on Monday after Mummy B had announced this week’s theme. I quite like it.


I took some more photos I liked on Saturday afternoon at the library when I happened to catch the view out of the window – they were taken on my BlackBerry and I wasn’t sure how that would work out in terms of quality, but actually not bad.

Bromley-20150124-00112 Bromley-20150124-00113 Bromley-20150124-00114
 See more photos on the theme of Light at Mummy B’s blog here.


11 thoughts on “52 week photography challenge – week 4 – light

    • I’ve developed my photography over years; I think it’s a matter of just getting out there and doing it and grabbing the moments, and learning from the reactions of others to your pictures. I want to do a photography course and that’s my reward to myself at the end of my #30DayChallenge to build my core fitness!


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