The skills we need to instill in our teenagers

Wow, would you believe it is possible to bring together such an amazing group of inspirational women. The Confident Mother is such an incredible event. I am very proud of what I have created. I love the lightbulb moments; the self-realisation moments; the tenderness moments; the honesty that my speakers are bringing; the tears that are being shed when we listen to other mothers’ journeys.

This week is the busiest week in terms of the number of interviews however I am loving it. We still have some amazing interviews to come including Vivienne Smith, author of the Single Mum’s Survival Guide, Early Childhood Consultant Dorothy Marlen and Baby Geek Miriam McCaleb. The full schedule is available here.

My speaker Tuesday lunchtime was Emma Sargent. Now I have known Emma for 18 months or so. Maybe a little longer. Emma wrote the Brilliant Parent book … but I know Emma through my business circle. I worked with Emma and her husband Tim in their Extraordinary Experts Academy. Emma is great fun to talk to – very motivational and inspirational. She always sees the positives and yet is realistic too. I always come away from any workshop with Emma feeling inspired and ready to take positive action.  Emma and Tim have been instrumental in the journey to running my own very successful coaching business for working mums.  I was absolutely delighted when Emma first agreed to be one of my speakers.

Emma used her knowledge of parenting teenagers combined with her knowledge of running a business, to share the skills that we need to nurture and instill in teenagers. And effectively they are the same skills. She has learned that it is possible to do too much for your children, to overprotect, and to overcompensate for not being ‘present’. One top tip that Emma passed on from elsewhere … when it comes to alcohol and cigarettes (and other illegal stuff), to always be disapproving because teenagers need to feel they are being rebellious. If you are ‘relaxed’ about your teenagers drinking alcohol e.g. at a party, in your house, your teenagers will find other ways to rebel.

So what do you think are the key skills that entrepreneurs need? The first ones that come to mind for me are belief in yourself, taking action, and problem-solving. What about you? What are your thoughts? If you missed the interview, the recordings are available on catch-up for 48 hours after the event.  You can listen here to discover what Emma believes are the key skills, based on her personal experience of parenting two completely different teenagers.

Please do sign up to The Confident Mother – all the interviews so far have been very insightful and inspirational, and if you are a mum, I think you’ll love them.



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