How a crash-bang arrival into motherhood ignited a career change

What I truly cherish about The Confident Mother is how open and honest are the speakers that I have interviewed. I feel really honoured and privileged to be able to hold these mothers in a safe space; a space where they are freely choosing to share their very moving stories.

Yesterday’s interview with Naomi Martell-Bundock had many of my listeners in tears. What kept me together was the fact that I was ‘in control’ of the interview technology. I needed to focus on holding Naomi safe while she shared her very moving story of how her first pregnancy resulted in her giving birth at 25 weeks and 3 days. What a transition into motherhood. Naomi describes the challenges that she faced and how she managed these. This crash-bang arrival into motherhood started her career change – one that she had not previously foreseen and predicted. Naomi freely confesses that she lost all self-confidence; that her self-esteem plummeted; that she felt very isolated. And yet she is now running a very successful Wellbeing business.

Naomi shares some great tips on how to figure out whether a career change is the right strategy for you; it is important to understand why you want a career change. And if, for example, you want to set up your own business, how is that going to give you what you want from a career change. Talking to one of my clients today who is considering starting up her own business – it became clear in our initial session that she is a people person – she loves the buzz, the excitement, the energy of working with a highly motivated, highly active team of people.  Creating and running her own virtual business to fit in around childcare … is that really going to give her what she needs?  I couldn’t answer that question for her, but I know at the end of the session, she took away many “pondering” points.

Please listen to the interview with Naomi. As one mother listening to another mother’s story, it is moving and beautiful. Thank you Naomi for being such a fabulous guest.



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