How to speak with confidence in public

I am having such fun with The Confident Mother – this week probably has more interviews than any other week! All the speakers are amazing and we are covering such a fascinating range of topics. There are some really great interviews still to come too. The full schedule is available here.

Yesterday evening we listened to the experienced Susan Heaton Wright. Susan is a former opera singer and really understands the power of our voice and how your body languages and posture can affect it. Susan set up Viva Live Music with her husband; the company organises live entertainment for corporate and private events. For many of us, the thought of singing on stage in front of 100s or 1000s of people is a very terrifying prospect. And yet, when she was a young girl, Susan was very shy.  Susan shared some really useful tips with us including her Diva Feet, Sitting Diva and the power breath.  I have always been comfortable from a confidence perspective talking on stage or on the radio – the challenge I have is that my voice is quiet and does not seem to project well. Susan asked me to think about speaking through the bones in my head – through my facial mask. I will certainly be practising that, as well as Diva Feet the next time that I present on stage.

Susan’s tips are useful whether you are speaking or presenting on stage, contributing in a board meeting, or projecting your best image during a job interview. Susan has a great newsletter with more fabulous tips

If you are not yet signed up to The Confident Mother, please join in and share with any other mums that you know.  We are learning SO much. When you register, you will get daily reminders of all the interviews, you will also get a free workbook that you can work through to identify what is most important to you about being a mum. Once you have worked that out, you can figure out what steps and actions you need to take to be that mum. PLUS you’ll get access to all the free gifts that the speakers are offering.

My core message to all mums everywhere – good enough really IS good enough – you don’t need to be the perfect mother. Small steps can make a big difference.


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