Did you know fats are fabulous?

We are on a roll with The Confident Mother – this week probably has more interviews than any other week! But I am having such fun – every interview is totally different, and I’m starting to recognise the “regulars” names on the webinar attendance list.

The session with Lucy Grainge, Nutritional Therapist, was absolutely fascinating. Lucy previously worked in banking and retrained as a Nutritional Therapist after she felt the need to turn to one in desperation because of her own embarrassing digestion issues. Lucy has a lovely calming air about her when she talks and her knowledge is absolutely tip-top. It was very helpful to cut through the confusion around fats (apparently most of us are fat deficient in our diets), sugars, and supplements. Of all the interviews I have recorded to date, THIS is the one that I am going to make my husband listen to. He does most of the cooking in our house, and although I tried to explain to him how vegetables fats get damaged at high temperatures and turn into nasty transfats, he needs to listen to the actual interview. (Which, darling, if you’re reading my blog today – you can do here). Lucy told us “fats are fabulous”.

The other learning point I took from Lucy’s interview was around supplements and how the RDAs are the bare minimum whereas Lucy wants us to aim for optimal levels of the various vitamins and minerals. Farming and the production of fruit and vegetables today has changed incredibly in the last 50 years.

I’m sure I’m not the only mum who has been confused about good fats vs bad fats, sugar and supplements, so it was brilliant that Lucy happily took more questions at the end of the interview from my listeners. I took the opportunity to ask about eczema and diet – not for a listener, but for my own daughter. You can hear what Lucy suggests on the catch-up here if you missed the live interview.

If you are not yet signed up to The Confident Mother, please do come and join me. The speakers are all amazing, there are so many “OMG!” self-realisation moments happening for the listeners. It is simply incredible to witness this and to know that I am the one who is making this happen! Not only will you get daily reminders of all the interviews, you will also get a free workbook that you can work through to identify what is most important to you about being a mum. Once you have worked that out, you can figure out what steps and actions you need to take to be that mum.

But remember, above all, my message is good enough really IS good enough – you don’t need to be the perfect mother.




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