What does a leek have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge?


What does a leek have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge? Me! Of course – how could you not know that!

In my interview today with Becky Redpath, The Guru Stylist at Look Great Feel Fabulous, she explained how we need to learn to love our body shape profile. Becky works with 14 different body shape profiles: from apple to pear to leek. I discovered today that the Duchess of Cambridge is a leek – as am I!

I’m sure I’m not the only mum who lost body confidence after having children. I put on 3 stone with my first pregnancy – considering I was only 8 stone to start with, that was a huge amount of weight. It took me months and months to shake off the excess weight. Becky also explained that her clients going through the menopause often experience similar loss of body confidence. She shared her seven steps to STYLING for Confidence and Success. As well as some great tips on  how to freshen our wardrobe with a simple patterned scarf, Becky told us about the upcoming colour trends. Once you know your body shape profile AND your style personality (and I am definitely NOT City Chic by the sounds of it), then it’s easy to adapt the current season’s trends. If the latest style or colour doesn’t suit either your body shape profile or your style personality, you can still stay ‘on trend’ with a scarf or handbag.

I’m not a fashionista by any stretch – Becky even had to explain to me what a structured handbag is. Who knew? OK yes probably most of my readers. I’m happy wearing comfortable clothes – jeans, boots and a fleecy top! Whereas Becky has loved fashion from a very young age … but she started her career as a nurse. So that’s some change! As a teenager, while Becky was spending her pocket money on Vogue magzines, I spent mine on motorbike magazines. However I really loved the interview with Becky. As did my listeners. Becky shared her knowledge and experience at the end, and we all came away with some great tips on how to use style ourselves to nurture our confidence so that we Look Great and Feel Fabulous.

This interview is part of my 21 day online conference The Confident Mother. Fabulous interviews with inspirational women and amazing experts. I’d love you to join me. If you can’t make the interviews, up until 31 January, you can buy the full library for just £27.00 and have access to them forever to listen at your leisure. Join us on the Facebook group for the full schedule.

There’s no interview tonight as I’m celebrating my daughter’s birthday so I’ve been busy baking chocolate cake this afternoon!


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