My best posts in 2014

Here’s a quick overview of my best blog posts in 2014. These are the posts that got the most views and generated the most discussion at the time.

My journey to The Confident Mother published in November 2014.

I share my personal story and journey towards The Confident Mother, my online conference that opens on 12 January. 

What does it take to be a great leader? published in 

Six sharp tips to stop procrastination published in 

We all procrastinate. The trick is to know how to stop or prevent procrastination. As a perfectionist, I’m pretty good at procrastinating. Over the years, I have learned some simple tips to stop.

How often do you fall into the guilty mother trap? published in 

Gosh, even looking back at this post now, I still remember the feeling of horror and shock when I realised I’d slept through my alarm, and the guilt that I felt. As mothers, so often we fall into the guilty mother trap. I’m about to re-release the Working Mum’s Guide to Ditching the Guilt (six audio modules and workbooks for you to work through to ditch your guilt). In this post, I start to explore a mother’s guilt a little. I’m also realising that the two changes I said we would implement. Well there’s been a 50% success rate. See if you can figure out which 50% is working!

What you need to know if you’re a new dad published in 

This was a lovely guest post written by a Dad when his first daughter was aged 2. Such a sweet post. You’ll love this one too.

Which of these was your favourite post and why? Please share your favourite one on Facebook or Twitter.  If you enjoy them, please do subscribe so as not to miss any future posts.

Happy New Year!


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