What would you change about your business

What would you change about your business or blog since you started? Look back to when you started – how much has changed? Have the changes been gradual? Have you made decisions that you regretted?

My business has evolved since I first opened my doors in 2012. It has been an amazing journey and I have loved every minute. I have not once regretted the decision to set up my own business. It has been tough at times, and frustrating, and I have felt I am going round in circles, wasting time and effort on things that perhaps were distractions or ineffective. However that’s how you learn. I absolutely adore what my business has become and I love what I do. I still love my branding, and even though at the time it felt like a lot of money to spend, to me getting the look and feel right was very important. Even now, every time I look at my business cards, I fall in love with them all over again. That has got to be a positive! They were designed for me by somebody who understood what I was trying to achieve. (If you are looking for a designer, talk to Mark Palmer Studio. I highly recommend Mark. He’s brilliant – tell him I sent you. He doesn’t have a website but I can put you in touch with him.)

What I did miss at the beginning was the camaraderie and peer collaboration that you enjoy if you work in a larger organisation. To counteract those feelings of isolation, I have developed support networks around me. I attend a couple of different networking groups, I have connected with other small business owners in various ways, and I belong to a mastermind. The mastermind is a group of female small business owners and we support each other in our businesses. We share our knowledge and experience. We all work in different fields and come from different backgrounds. It’s like having your own personal board of directors. We meet monthly however we “talk” on Facebook and email at least once a week.

The power of a mastermind is incredible. I love it! Earlier this year, I trained with one of the best mastermind specialists in the US. I already run one very specialised mastermind group and next year I will be launching a mastermind group for other small business mums. It’s the one thing I would change in my business. I wish I had known about business masterminds earlier. It really does propel your business forward. Not sure what a mastermind is? Discover more here.

In Day 14 of the 15 Day Audio Challenge, I share my thoughts on what I would change about my business. Please listen and let me know your thoughts on what you would change about your business..

p.s. if you are a mum running a small business, and you are curious about my mastermind, please do get in touch.


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