My five tips – how to keep motivated when faced with challenges

Here are my five top tips to keep yourself motivated when faced with challenges, whether personal or professional.

  • Well firstly it’s much easier to stay motivated if you are working towards a goal that is really important to you, or that you understand the importance of that goal for others. So when you are setting out to achieve something, be sure that it is something that you want. Create a vision – in your head and on paper. Draw a picture of it. I talk about this more in an earlier blog.
  • Your goal needs to be realistic and achievable.  For example, if your goal is to run ten marathons in ten days (and yes there are people that set out to do this), and you are starting from zero running experience, it might be unrealistic to expect to achieve that goal next month.  However if you break this goal down into smaller steps (I’ve shared this strategy a few times in the past on my Facebook page), then yes absolutely you can do this.
  • Remind yourself of your strengths, your skills and your achievements. Consider keeping a Gratitude Journal or an Achievements Journal. I find it very helpful to look back at mine when I’m feeling stuck. It helps to remind me of the challenges I have overcome in the past and therefore I WILL find a way now.
  • Dance! Yes put on some happy music and dance. I find dance and music a fabulous way to get myself motivated again.
  • Browse through your client testimonials if you are running a business (you do keep these, right?). Or reflect on the positive comments that friends or family have said to you or about you.

I share more of my personal strategies on this short podcast. It’s my Day 13 of the 15 Day Audio Challenge. I’d love you to listen and then please do share: how do you keep yourself motivated?


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