How I add value to my community

Today I am sharing with you two very exciting projects that I am working on. I have talked before about my journey to The Confident Mother. In this audio blog (Day 9 of the 15 Audio Content Challenge), I share my other very exciting project, the Business Confident Mastermind for mums running small businesses.

If you have not thought about joining a mastermind before, or you’re not really sure what they offer, this article by one of my mentors, Karyn Greenstreet will help. I have trained with one of the US’s best trainers on effective mastermind groups. I belong to two different mastermind groups myself and I currently run a very specialised mastermind group. I will use all this amazing experience and knowledge to create the best mastermind for mums running their own business. My mastermind will be part instructional, where I will share with you my best practice knowledge and experience gained from running two successful businesses. It will be part mentoring and coaching. It will be part vision creation and action planning so that you leave each session feeling energised and inspired!

In the #15DayAudioChallenge, the task for Day 9 was to share what other value can I add to my business and how will this help my community. I know that I still have SO much to offer to my community. If you are a mum, I’d love you to listen to my Day 9 audio blog, and let me know which project most appeals to you.

And if you would like to find out more about how to be The Confident Mother, you can join the Facebook group, or indeed download my free Confident Mother workbook. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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