Five guests come to lunch, can you guess who?

I started a 15 Day Audio Challenge recently. I have really enjoyed it and you can listen to all my entries over here. However as the very blog savvy Sarah Arrow pointed out … why aren’t I embedding these into my regular blogs. Good point and shows that I still have a lot to learn!

I am now on Day 11 of the challenge, and the task set was “If you could invite 5 people living or dead to lunch, who would they be and why?”

If you asked my family, who would Sherry invite, straight away they will tell you that one of my guests would be my sporting hero, Laurent Jalabert. But what about my other guests? This challenge was a tough one for me – there are so many fascinating people in the world, so many stories I would love to hear, and also I would want a good balance of guests. I would like ideally for there to be links or connections between the guests so we could share a meaningful and inspirational discussion, while having fun too. Listen to my final selection and let me know your thoughts.

Who would your five lunch guests be? And if I asked you that question five years or ten years ago, has the answer changed? If so, why?  Do share your thoughts below.




One thought on “Five guests come to lunch, can you guess who?

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