Blogging in a different way

One of the things that I love about running my own business, is the amazing network of friends and supporters that has grown up around me. I have mentioned some of the coaches and mentors on a previous blog. However as an entrepreneur, what is very exciting to me is the number of other entrepreneurs who are so open and willing to share their knowledge and experience. And I realise that includes me too! I was invited to lunch yesterday by somebody who also works with law firms. She treated me to lunch in return for picking my brain about networking, blogging, social media etc. I’m one of those people who has been hanging out on Twitter for years! I’ve run social media classes AND I use various social media networks for myself, and for some my volunteering activities. I think it is so important to share knowledge, help others out, offer information that builds confidence, do favours … I believe that those favours come back to you eventually.

However to get back to the point, one of the amazing women I have met and who is so generous with her knowledge, is the wonderful Viv Oyolu. I first met Viv nearly two years ago when she interviewed me for her Dream Corner radio show. Being interviewed by Viv was a wonderful experience, and we carried on chatting LONG after the radio show had been recorded. A few weeks ago, she invited me to a roundtable discussion with 3 other female coaches, and again it was great fun. Viv has a real gift for interviewing and I have already have learned so much from her, and my confidence in my interviewing technique has grown.

Viv is running a 15 Day Audio Challenge to share her knowledge and help business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers discover how to use audio content more effectively and with more confidence. It’s great fun, and if you’re a regular blogger, I would highly recommend that you get involved.

So here are my first three audio blogs – I hope you like them:

Listen to Day 1 – I introduce myself and share my passion (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 2 – Why I set up my business (5 minutes).

Listen to Day 3 – One thing I am most proud of (6 minutes)

Have a listen and leave a comment below. And if you like what you hear, please do share on Facebook or Twitter.  You can listen to my complete set of audio blogs for here.


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