Round-up of the last few days

Here’s a quick round-up of the topics that I have been blogging about over the last two weeks (since I came back from my blogging block):

Monday 20 October Can Mums Go Back to work with Confidence? What are the challenges and can you overcome them? Yes you can.

Tuesday 21 October Ooops I crashed into the guilty mother trap on Tuesday. Overtired from my sister’s birthday celebrations and not enough sleep. What is guilt and how do we use it to make positive change.

Wednesday 22 October In preparation for half-term, I shared my favourite activities to have fun in London without spending a fortune. Good for weekends, not just half-term. (By the way my sister’s actual birthday).

Thursday 23 October An introduction to behaviour styles, using the DISC model. You can learn more in snippets posted each day on my Facebook page this week.

Friday 24 October A really quick and simple way to help you decide on a career change. Do this today and I promise, you will get useful information back. Pick people who know you well and can be objective.

Saturday 25 October I am SO excited about this project The Confident Mother – all week I have been talking to speakers and getting goosebumps. My virtual conference will run in January. Join the Facebook group to find out more.

Sunday 26 October Discover my simple 7-step system for you go back to work with confidence. This is what I take you through when you sign up for one-to-one coaching, my VIP days, or my workshops.

Monday 27 October News articles from around the world about women.

Tuesday 28 October How to overcome your confidence blocks. And if you want more than these steps, get in touch for a free 15 minute booster session.

Wednesday 29 October Inspired by my daughter’s half-term project, I learned all about the amazing life of Rosa Parks, a woman I now greatly admire.

Thursday 30 October The Apprentice – do you watch it? Did you see their YouTube efforts? Well, I thought to myself, surely I can do better. What do you think?

Bringing us up-to-date today for Halloween. Have a great weekend.

p.s. do you know there are only 8 weeks left until the end of the year? What MUST you get done before the end of the year? What resources do you need? Happy to help if I can, just get in touch.




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