How do you overcome your confidence blocks?

I am participating in a 30 day blogging challenge organised by the fabulous Sarah Arrow at Sark e-media. (I mustn’t forget to mention the fabulous Kevin Arrow too – he seems to do all the backstage stuff; most excitingly he’s the Chief Director of Certificates). Every day, she sends the challenge participants a helpful email – she shares tips and techniques, she shares outline strategies, editorial calendars, and so much more.

Today’s email was about overcoming blogging blocks. And as regular readers know, I did have my own blogging block a few days ago, after a friend from my antenatal group died.

My challenge today is to write about how I overcome blocks in my niche.

First up, what is my niche? I use my inner strength and confidence to nurture and inspire women to make strong confident decisions. These might be women looking to go back to work after a career break, looking to change career, or starting up a new business. And I absolutely LOVE my work. I get so excited when I start to work with a new client. If you have never worked with a coach before, I cannot tell you how empowering, how exciting, how inspiring, it can be.

I work with a few different coaches myself – each one helps me with a different aspect of me and my business. I mention my favourite coaches in an earlier blog. That was posted on my other blog, and I realise I had better rewrite that post and share it here too.

The day that I talk to my personal coach or business coach, I am floating on air afterwards. I am a strong believer that you can do anything that you believe you can do. That is the power of a coach – your coach believes in you, has absolute confidence in you, reminds you of your strengths, your skills, your experience, can see what you don’t see about yourself, and helps you to unlock what is hidden inside of you. And I know it’s not just me; the feedback and testimonials from my clients proves that this is a universal truth.

So how do I overcome blocks in my niche? Typically the blocks in my niche are a woman’s lack of self-confidence and lack of self-belief. I have several tools in my toolkit to help with this. But do you know what? You are your own best friend (but also your own worst enemy). You simply have to believe that you can do it. Just today on my Facebook page, I shared this inspirational motto: “Confidence comes from taking a risk and succeeding. Dare to be bold. Dare to take a risk. Confidence will follow.”

Seriously that is true. To build your confidence, you need a few key things:

  • preparation
  • take a risk
  • just get up and do it

If you are fed up with the way life is working out for you, it’s no good just sitting there and accepting it. Get up and do something. It doesn’t matter if what you choose to do is not the perfect action. As one of my coaches tells me, imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

So what will you do today to unblock your confidence? And tell you what, if you want a 15 minute blast of confidence and inspiration from me, completely free of charge, and free of any sales pressure or anything like that, then book your 15 minute confidence booster with me today.

If you like this post, please share! Even better, come and join in the fun with me at my Inspiration Party on Facebook. See you there.


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