Women around the world today: round-up of news articles

A quick round-up of articles about women around the world that caught my this week:

  • From The Economist, Iranian women “under the cosh“.
  • Prostitution and the internet, again from The Economist.
  • The Guardian discusses a study which says that high-fliers have more babies.
  • Was JS Bach’s wife more than a copyist but in fact the composer of some of his works? Read more in an article published in The Telegraph.
  • Sad or shameful that a Hollywood female celebrity is risking her career by NOT having a facelift?
  • Women in legal do not do as well on the partnership ladder as men. Although more than half the entrants into the legal profession are women, the proportion that make it to partner is much less. In response to this, five associates from different law firms have launched a new network for pre-partnership level women.
  • Still in legal, an interview with Pavani Reddy who is the first female Asian managing partner of an Indian law firm in London.
  • From the BBC online magazine, The forgotten women of the ‘war in the East’.
  • Who gives birth in England and Wales. Over half of women who gave birth in 2013 were aged 30 or more. The average age of first time mums has increased to 28.3 years. More on this from the Office for National Statistics.

What news articles have caught your eye recently?


5 thoughts on “Women around the world today: round-up of news articles

  1. I have a pile of papers to read by the bed!!
    Afghanistan – was it a waste of lives and time/resources? Debated on radio this week.
    Probiotic news – ice cream is good for you, if it’s kefir. Glad that’s finally becoming news on health front.
    Mind’s a blur. Loads more to read. Don’t always make enough time at the moment. Fall asleep before I finish reading!


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