What does “confident mother” mean to you?

What does being a confident mother mean to you?

To me, being a confident mother is about feeling comfortable in how I behave when I am with my children; how I show my love; how I show my support; how I balance my work with my family; how I spend my time with my family; how I deal with crises (such as sleeping through my alarm, like I did a few days ago); how I help my children to deal with challenges and successes. What about you? What does being a confident mother mean to you?

There are several aspects to being a confident mother: the relationships with our children; the relationships with our partner and/or with the children’s father; self-esteem; body confidence; parenting skills; knowledge of what children need to grow into strong and confident individuals; the neuroscience behind the emotional development of young children; becoming a mother in the first place including pregnancy, birth, and the early days of parenthood.

Since my own early days of chaotic and frantic motherhood, I went on to train and qualify as an NCT practitioner and now combine this with my coaching work. Through my training and since, I have researched, read papers, and worked with internationally recognised experts including Dr Nils Bergman, Prof Helen Ball, Ina May Gaskin, Dr Margot Sunderland, Penny Mansfield, and the list goes on. I have successfully supported 100s of families in the early days of parenthood.

This is a topic that I am fascinated by. I love to share some of the fascinating knowledge and experience that I have acquired with my clients and I would love to share this with even more. That’s when I came up with the crazy idea to organise a virtual conference in January 2015. It will be a series of interviews over 21 days with experts and inspirational thought leaders covering emotional development; parenting skills; relationship skills; mindset; body confidence; work-family balance; being a mum of a child with special needs; surviving as a single mum; the larger family; and much much more. All the interviews will be free to listen to live.

Who or what would you most like to listen to as part of The Confident Mother virtual conference? Please leave a comment below and if you want to be kept informed of progress as the speakers are confirmed, do click on the right to follow this blog. Even better, come and join us on the Facebook group and get involved in the conversation on what being a confident mother means.



3 thoughts on “What does “confident mother” mean to you?

  1. Interesting post Sherry,
    It must be so difficult to be a totally confident mother these days, there is so much advice and opinions available as to how to be the perfect parent it is enough to shatter anyones confidence. To raise happy confident children has to be the ultimate goal and this is achieved in many different ways depending on the parenting skills.
    Good luck with your virtual conference.


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