The really simple way to decide on a career change

If you are feeling frustrated or trapped in your current job or career, it IS possible to make a change. Often when I am working with clients, they know they don’t enjoy what they are doing but they are unable to pinpoint what they want to do instead. Often mums returning from a career break, know that they do not want to return to the career that they had before, but lack clarity on what they want to do or what they can do.

So here’s a really simple way to get more information to help you make confident decisions about a career change.

Send one simple email to three friends, three work colleagues, and three former work colleagues. This is all you have to say (you can simply copy and paste into an email).

“Hi there – I’d love a quick and simple favour from you. I am working through a career development programme and my task this week is to get feedback from friends and colleagues. Could you please answer these 3 questions:

  1. What am I good at and should keep on doing?
  2. What could I do more of?
  3. What do you think I should do less?

Thanks for your help.”

When you get the answers, look for the patterns. What are the common themes coming out of the feedback? What ideas does this give you about your strengths and skills as perceived by others? What are the talents that others see in you?

That’s it – it’s a really simple way to get feedback from people that know you well. Feedback that will allow you to start to identify what talents and skills you have, or can use in a different way.

Yes it’s simple, yes it’s quick, and no it’s not going to give you the complete answer. However it gives you a good start and will open your mind to consider strengths that perhaps you had not considered before. Often when we are really gifted at something, we take our gift for granted. It comes so easily to us, that we do not even realise it’s a gift or talent.

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