Best of Inspiration Party’s week 2

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge as a way to motivate and inspire me to blog more frequently. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy too, you can find out more here. Every day, Sarah provides hints and tips for types of blog and blog content. Today’s tip was to create a round up of the previous week’s blogs.

Over the past week then, here are the blogs you may have missed.

  1. Postnatal Depression – one mum’s story
    One mum shares her personal story of how she experienced postnatal depression.
  2. How has being a mum changed you?
    A blog sharing snippets of conversation between a group of women on how you change when you become a mum. Scroll down to check out the comments on this post.
  3. What you need to know if you are a new Dad 
    A Dad shares his highs and lows of being a Dad.
  4. What will you dare to do today?
    I describe some BIG moments from last week – scary actions that I dared to take.
  5. How to get back to work with confidence
    I share my 7-step system that I use with clients who want to go back to work with confidence.
  6. What does it take to be a great leader
    This one was from the heart – my thoughts on hearing that NCT Chief Executive, Belinda Phipps, was leaving the charity after 15 years.
  7. My favourite inspirational quotes
    Some of my favourite quotes that inspire and motivate me.

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