What will you dare to do today?




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I have had some BIG moments this week. Some really big moments.

First – I found out that I have won a ballot place in next year’s London Marathon. Yes THE marathon. All 26.2 miles of it. I was out at a meeting in the City – I knew people were starting to receive their “you’re in” or “you’re not” magazines this week. My husband sent me a text message “you’ve got a London Marathon magazine – you’ve got a place”. WHAT? Seriously? I rang him when I got out of my meeting – I was down on the station platform before I got hold of him. I didn’t know if he was winding me up. Suddenly my legs werer shaking, my stomach was knotting, and I was dancing as I walked.  If you were at City Thameslink on Wednesday afternoon and saw somebody looking shocked, scared, excited all at once, it might have been me! YES .. I’ve got a place. I’d better start training.

This is not my first marathon – it will be my third, and hopefully my most successful. You can read a bit about my previous marathon adventures here.  I will be visualising my goal, thinking about how I will feel when I achieve it, break it down into manageable steps, and then take action to do it. And that’s what any good coach will help you to do. If you want to find out how powerful and inspirational coaching can be, you can sign up to my free taster session next Wednesday evening.

My second big moment – I had all my hair (well 12″) cut off for charity.  The photos above show the before and after. Yes, can you believe it. What a crazy thing to do. My childhood friend suggested it a few weeks ago and asked if other friends would support her. “I’ll get mine cut too” I replied. Goodness. Yesterday was the day of the haircut. I felt somewhat anxious and nervous beforehand but I knew it was for a good cause (Cancer Research UK) and we’d already raised about £300. My friend is getting hers done on 31 October. She works at a big Tesco store and they’ve asked if she’ll do it on Halloween in the FOYER for all the public to watch. And as I don’t have clients that day, I’m going along too.

I would love you to sponsor us, you can visit this page: https://www.justgiving.com/Haircut10inches/.

My third big moment – I started to coach a new client this week. A mum who’s had a career break and looking to set up her own business. It became clear very quickly in this first session that this client lacked confidence in her own abilities – she was worried about what other family members would think and whether they would approve. Yet when she talks about this new business she is starting to set up, she is SO passionate and so animated. It’s fantastic. And we made amazing progress in just that one session to really build her confidence. We discussed strategies she can use when she presents to a group next week; we rehearsed how she will respond to questions, and how she will feel about it. I’m so excited to hear how she gets on with her presentation on Tuesday. I just know she’s going to be brilliant and she feels so much more prepared and confident. Isn’t that how you’d like to feel?

So what about you – have you had big moments this week? Have you dared to do something big?

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