The biggest concerns before starting maternity leave

Earlier this year, I asked women about their hopes, worries and fears around maternity leave. The results were fascinating and I have now published a Top Tips sheet on How to Make The Most of Your Maternity Leave based on the responses.

One of the questions I asked What concerns did you have, if any, before starting your maternity leave? and this graphic below reflects the main concerns of the 100+ women who responded.

Maternity leave worries

Women worried about going back to work, money, loneliness, boredom, childcare and how would they cope, in all senses.

What about you? What were your concerns before you started maternity leave? Leave a reply and let me know.



2 thoughts on “The biggest concerns before starting maternity leave

  1. When I started maternity leave, my main concern was money. Then we realised that we’d have enough money, so I started to worry about what I was going to do when maternity leave was over. Would I be able to work and look after my daughter at the same time? I worked from home then and still do now, so it was a major concern once the maternity pay ran out. Looking back, there was no need to worry and I don’t think I would going on maternity leave again (whenever/if ever that happens). I’ll look forward to the time I get to spend with my baby, and know the last couple of months is when I can think about what to do with my business coming back, and build up the client base again.


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