What will you do when you get ‘unstuck’?

Sometimes when you get ‘stuck’ in life, it’s easier to stay stuck than get ‘unstuck’. Has that ever happened to you?

It could be that the challenge or obstacle that you ran into has dented your confidence. It could be that staying ‘stuck’ is less work – it’s easier. It could be that you are scared of taking that next step. Maybe it’s something you’ve never done before, or maybe you’re worried about what family or friends might say. Or maybe could it be that you’re scared of success? What does success give you? What does success move you away from?

I had this brilliantly fabulous idea at the end of last year. And then life got busy: my part-time NHS job was a little hectic, and quite honestly I was spreading my energies and attentions too thinly. I was trying to keep up with my corporate clients, my private coaching clients, my NCT volunteering, rejuvenating an NCT branch, as well as my part-time work as a breastfeeding counsellor with my local health visiting service. In April, I realised that something had to give. I had known this for several months but it was not until a session with my fabulous coach, that I articulated this feeling and made the decision to resign from my NHS job.  My coach guided and supported me through this decision. I don’t mind telling you that it was a very hard decision to make. There were tears. There was pain. But I know that getting unstuck was absolutely the best thing for me.

Since June, I have been busy developing my Working Mum’s Guide to Ditching the Guilt (launching in October) however I was still trying to manage both my corporate work as a business effectiveness consultant and my private work coaching women who are stuck and want to get unstuck. In recent weeks, I have felt like I am going round in circles. Clarity is right there – so almost there. Clarity can be so powerful as I have discussed in a previous blog. Ironically I have been lacking clarity. Today I looked back at the idea that I started researching last November. It has been sat there sadly languishing. And yet, I know that this is where my passion lies. I know that because I become very animated and alive when I talk about it to others. Yet I kept going back to my corporate clients – and I think it’s because it’s where I felt I ‘ought’ to be working. That corporate is the grown-up, sensible thing to do.

So this is my promise to you. And I am making it public so that you – yes YOU – can hold me accountable. I will launch my new project before the end of the year. I am so excited about this project – but also at the same time trying not to be too excited. Lots of what ifs going through my mind.

So come on then, what is it, I hear you asking. Many women that I coach have lost their way with their career after having children. They feel guilty about wanting to go back to work, wonder how they will fit everything in, they lack confidence, and they’re not even sure that the career they had before children is the same as the one they want now. Maybe setting up their own business will be a better option.  Maybe part-time work is the answer. They worry that they have “forgotten” how to network; that they no longer know how to look the part; don’t know how to explain the gap on the CV; wonder if they’ll be able to find paid work that fits in with their life; wonder if going back to work is even the right thing to do. I plan to run a series of workshops to help women work out what they want to do next. To find their inner strength and confidence. To know that the feelings and worries they’re experiencing are normal. To hear their own voice in the crowd. To make confident decisions that are the right ones for you.

If you are a working mum who took a career break, or you are a mum wondering about going back to work, I’d love to hear from you and the challenges you face(d). Please leave a reply or feel free to email me privately at sherry@inspirationparty.co.uk.

But more to the point, what about you? What are you stuck with right now? What is stopping you from getting unstuck? Fear? Lack of confidence? Worried what others might think or say? Not sure where to start?  How will you get unstuck? if you need a strategy, then get in touch. I offer free 20 minute taster sessions if you want to find out how coaching can help you.  Simply click here to find a date and time to suit you.



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