What do you have in common with the Commonwealth Games athletes?

Feeling inspired by the amazing achievements of the Commonwealth Games athletes?

I have really enjoyed watching all of the athletes. For me, particularly the women’s cycling road race yesterday. I remember so clearly Lizzie missing out on gold in the Olympics when I was a Gamesmaker. I have also loved watching the showmanship of Usain Bolt. I know some people find him annoying but he’s a gifted athlete and an entertainer who loves playing to the crowd.

What does every medal-winning athlete have in common?

Determination, ambition, skills, strength, bravery, and so much more.

The one thing that every athlete has is a GOAL. And you can bet that their goal is clear, specific, measurable and time-based. For some, like Lizzie Armitstead, the goal was to win gold. For others like 19 year old athlete Matthew Hudson-Smith, winning gold in only his second major championship looked like it came as a surprise when we saw him on the podium. However you can be sure that the men’s 4x400m team had set their sights on gold. For other athletes, their goal may have been to get through to the semi-final, or the final, or to set a season’s best time.

So what do you have in common with these amazing sportsmen and women?

If you want to achieve something in life or at work, you need to have a goal. It needs to be a clear goal. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there? How will you know when you have achieved it? And it’s all very well having a goal, but you also need a plan to achieve that goal. Otherwise, it’s just a dream.

If you know what you want, but you are not sure how to get it, or it seems so big, that you just do not know where to start, then here’s a simple exercise to try.

What is the goal: First – write out your goal. Be specific and include a timeframe. For example:

  • I will launch a new blog by 1 September to share my passion for beekeeping. 
  • I am learning to swim and I will swim 400m non-stop by 30 September. 

Once you have written that goal down, put it somewhere you can see it every day and mark it on your calendar too!

What’s involved: Now you have your goal, think about all the different steps involved in achieving that goal. Our beekeeping fan for example might need to research how to blog, create an account in a blogging tool, develop a list of ideas for blog articles, talk to friends and fellow beekeepers to get ideas. Our swimmer might need to investigate swimming lessons, find their nearest swimming pool, buy a new swimming costume, tell their friends and family for support, etc.

What to do first: now that you have a list of all the different steps, pick the one that is the most important to focus on first.

How will take that first step: once you have decided on the first step, ask yourself “how will I take that first step?”. You might need to brainstorm a little more. Ask friends and family for help.

When will I take action: now that you have figured out the first actions to take, commit yourself to a day and a time that you will take that action. When exactly will you do it? Which day and at what time? Write it in your calendar or your diary. Tell your friends about it so that they will hold you accountable. Comment on here and I will hold you accountable too!

Now what’s stopping you? Seriously think about what might get in your way? What might stop you from taking those crucial first steps? Now decide how you will find a workaround. Do you need to ask for help or support? Do you need to tell others what you are doing and when?

If you have worked your way through this exercise, that is fabulous. You are well on the way to achieving your goal.

Click on comments below and tell us what your first actions will be and when. Or email me at sherry@inspirationparty.co.uk and tell me what your goal is. I read and reply to all the emails I get from followers.

Go for Gold today!


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