Stuck and not quite sure what to do about it?

Sometimes in life, I know there’s something not quite right but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I know I feel a dissatisfaction but I’m not quite sure where.  Or I feel there’s an inbalance and I am struggling to figure out what needs adjusting or l lack clarity as to what I really should be focussing on.  Is that you?  Then join me for a free Inspiration Party webinar on Wednesday 9 July at 8.30pm to get ‘unstuck’ and regain clairity.   

What’s that all about then?  

An online Inspiration Party is a group coaching session – don’t worry, you don’t have to share anything private or personal.  Essentially, I will walk you through a series of typical coaching questions, with the aim of providing you with fresh inspiration and new ideas on what actions to take.  Just sign up online to join in the fun. 

However in order to get the most out of the Inspiration Party, you will find it helpful to know what area of your life to focus on during the coaching. 

Figure out where to focus your energies

Here’s a quick exercise to help you figure it out. 

First find yourself some quiet time and space (just 10 minutes or so).  Get yourself a piece of A4 paper and something to write with.  On the piece of paper, list out between about eight areas of your life that are important to you.  For example these might include family, children, husband, social life, travel, security, finance, adventure, career, relaxation, church, community, time management etc.  The list will be different for everybody.

When you have your list, rate out of 10, how happy are you with that area of your life (where 1 is very unhappy and 10 is extremely happy).  

Then reflect on how you have marked each area, and which is the most important area for you to focus.  Then you can start to figure out, well if that’s the area to focus on, what are the steps I need to take, and most importantly what is the FIRST step I need to take. 

Sign up online today for inspiration tomorrow

If you find this exercise helpful, and now you would love some ideas on how to figure out the steps you need to take, then please do join me on my free Inspiration Party webinar on Wednesday 9 July at 8.30pm.  

I look forward to nurturing and inspiring you more very soon!

Have you found this exercise useful?  Do leave your comments below on what you learned about yourself. 


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