It’s never too late to start again

Inspiration Coaching

That’s right. It’s never too late to start again. Maybe you’re a bit fed up or cross with yourself because your New Year Resolutions fizzled out. Well that’s ok – just readjust your goal and start again. But first, just spend a few moments reflecting on what happened to your New Year Resolutions. It’s good to have ambitious goals and targets, however sometimes if they are too ambitious, it’s easy to give up. So be realistic when you decide what it is that you want to achieve.  Here are some simple questions that you can ask youself.

What is bothering me most in my life right now?
What do I want instead?
How will that benefit me?
What will I get out of it? And what about others?
What is a good first step to make a change?
What could I do about it?
What else could I do?
What will I do first?
And SPECIFICALLY when will I do it?

What’s bothering me right now? Well if truth be told (shhhh, don’t tell my coach), the marathon training is not on track. I picked up a calf injury and had to take a few days off. So my goal for this month is to get back on track which means I need to be more disciplined with my time management so that I fit the runs in when I should and do my body strength work consistently which will help me keep my running form and speed in the London Marathon in April. When specifically am I going to do it? Well Monday mornings as soon as I get back from the school run if I’m working from home that day. Otherwise as soon as I get home in the evening on a Monday.

Go on, set yourself a challenge or a goal for this week or this month. And share – come on, a goal shared is a goal achieved. Tell us your goal and let’s work together towards a Febtastic month.

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