What would you buy a quarter of?

A quarter of ...

A quarter of …

I have been busy preparing my party bags for a Girls Night In event at the end of January. I wanted to include chocolate or sweets. Doesn’t every good party bag include a few sweet treats? Originally I was looking for turquoise foil-wrapped chocolates but it seems balls or hearts are the only options. I don’t like balls of chocolate – it’s one of my irrational dislikes, and hearts seem, well, inappropriate. 

While I was looking at the chocolate choices on one website, my eye was caught by Barratts shrimps and flying saucers. Gosh, I remember those from my childhood; those and gobstoppers, Black Jacks, chocolate covered bananas, and many more which are available on-line and in some of the traditional olde sweet shoppes that seem to be springing up on the local high streets.

So which sweets do you remember from your childhood?

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