Great minds like a think

Wow! My Girls Night In concept is feeling more real every day.  It’s so exciting to start something new.  I have shared my ideas with lots of women – friends, family, work, my NCT branch, my running club – and the feedback is very positive.  Everybody loves the concept.

OK so what is this Girls Night In that I am so excited about?

Well I think it is a glorious cocktail of fun and discovery. Our events are stuffed full of ideas and inspiration. I want a Girls Night In event to be great for the mind and the soul.  An opportunity to see how much you and your friends can discover about yourselves.  After all, great minds like a think.

Our evening (or afternoon) of activities, fun and self-discovery is the perfect accompaniment to a few drinks and nibbles. And you’ll be taking away a jam-packed party bag full of ideas and inspiration. I want to give women the opportunity to experience the power of life coaching and personality profiling in a fun and accessible way.

If you like the sound of this, get in touch and email to find out how you can host a Girls Night In or bag yourself an invite to the launch party in Bromley next month.

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