15 Day Audio Challenge

The wonderful Viv Oyolu, Audio and Podcast Consultant/Expert, has set up a 15 Day Audio Challenge. I decided to join in. Each day as I learn, I will post my audio here. If you run your own business, or if you are a regular blogger, you might like to get involved too. You can find out more here.

Listen to Day 1 – I introduce myself and share my passion (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 2 – Why I set up my business (5 minutes).

Listen to Day 3 – One thing I am most proud of (6 minutes)

Listen to Day 4 – Habits which benefit my business and me (5 minutes)

Listen to Day 5 – What I value about my business from a mother’s perspective and a coaching perspective (3 minutes)

Listen to Day 6 – How I give back through volunteering (7 minutes)

Listen to Day 7 – My favourite business book (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 8 – The expertise that I offer you (3 minutes)

Listen to Day 9 – What value I add to you, my community (7 minutes)

Listen to Day 10 – The experience I am most grateful for (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 11 – Five guests come to lunch (5 minutes)

Listen to Day 12 – The big WHY – why I do what I do (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 13 – How I keep myself motivated when faced with challenges (6 minutes)

Listen to Day 14 – What would I change about my business (4 minutes)

Listen to Day 15 – My four top tips if you are new to your business (4 minutes)



I would love to work with you – please do book a free 15 minute session to explore how we can work together.





3 thoughts on “15 Day Audio Challenge

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